Canyoning in the Ossau valley

The Ossau valley, just 1 hour from Pau in the Pyrénées Atlantiques and 3 hours from Bordeaux and Toulouse, boasts some of the most spectacular canyons in south-west France.

The Ossau Valley

The Ossau valley in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques is famous for its iconic Pic du Midi d'Ossau. It offers the perfect terrain for a variety of canyoning experiences, suitable for all levels of experience.

Whether you are a novice or already experienced in the art of canyoningWe've got itineraries to suit you. For beginners, our guides will take you through the canyons of Canceigt in Béost and Bious in Gabas, offering an accessible introduction to this exciting activity. If you're more adventurous and fit, don't miss the must-do Soussouéou canyon at Artouste, as well as the Cap de Pount and Brousset canyons, nestling in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park. These experiences will leave you with unforgettable memories, with a variety of landscapes, from the narrow gorges of the Canceigt to the chain of basins of the Soussouéou and the open waterways of the Bious canyon.

For thrill-seekers and experienced canyoneers, we offer the legendary descent of the Bitet canyon, including a 35-metre abseil and an ejector slide of up to 10 metres. This adventure can be enjoyed over a full day or half-day, depending on your preference.

All these canyons are located around Laruns, in the heart of the Ossau valley, and offer a wide range of landscapes, from the narrow gorges of the Canceigt to the series of basins of the Soussouéou, not forgetting the often open rivers of the Bious canyon.



Pic du midi d'Ossau with a high mountain guide from the Ossau valley
Group photo in the bitet, 1 hour from Pau

Le Bitet, the great race of the Ossau valley


The lower Bitet is an exceptional canyoning adventure located in the Ossau valley, in the heart of Béarn in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region of France. This canyoning descent offers a thrilling experience for thrill-seekers. It's renowned for its unique features, including a 35-metre spider-wire abseil, as well as an impressive ejector slide, where you can slide up to 10 metres before plunging into the crystal-clear waters of the Bitet.

This canyoning trip offers exciting challenges for experienced canyoneers, testing their skills along the way. The steep walls, impressive rock formations and spectacular waterfalls create a breathtaking natural backdrop.

A day or half-day in the lower Bitet canyon guarantees an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the wilderness of the Atlantic Pyrenees. It's an ideal experience for those looking to push their limits and experience the excitement of canyoning in a beautiful and challenging environment. Prepare to be amazed by the raw beauty of this canyon as you take on some exciting challenges.

The Soussouéou in the Ossau valley


The Soussouéou, located in the Ossau valley, is a must-see destination for sports enthusiasts in search of thrills. This canyon offers a series of attractions, with its crystal-clear water always fresh, jumps into numerous basins and exciting slides. The descent is a sequence of uninterrupted obstacles, offering a sustained and thrilling rhythm.

The Soussouéou torrent rises just downstream of the Artouste dam, tumbling down a glacial valley before coming up against a granite lock, marking the start of a fun and sporting adventure. This activity is available as a half-day or short day trip, with a choice of excursions offered by Aventure Chlorophylle. The full-day version includes a more relaxed pace and a picnic by the water.

This canyoning trip features a range of exciting obstacles, including slides, an 11-metre abseil under a waterfall, jumps and clear pools. The variety of experiences throughout the canyon offers a mix of excitement and relaxation. Guests are often surprised by the length of the adventure, which can last from two and a half to four and a half hours, depending on the option chosen. Le Soussouéou is a granite jewel nestling in the heart of the Ossau valley, ready to offer you a memorable experience.

Canyoning in the Soussouéou gorges, 1 hour from Pau in the heart of the Pyrenees
Descent of the Cap de Pount canyon in the Pyrenees National Park

Cap de Pount, a jewel in the heart of the national park


In the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, this wild canyon is a treasure nestling at the foot of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau. Just half an hour from Laruns and an hour from Pau, access is from a car park that provides an ideal starting point for this captivating adventure. Although Cap de Pount is only 400 metres long, the challenging outing involves walks to and from the summit, adding 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes to the total time. Features of Cap de Pount include a majestic 12-metre waterfall and a final 7-metre jump, with the depth of the basins checked annually.

The hike to the canyon, from the Bious-Artigues or Bious-Oumettes car parks depending on the number of visitors, offers some enchanting scenery. The forest, the turquoise lake and the high pastures on the Bious plateau are pleasant stops on the way to the gorge. The surrounding area is home to herds of cows, mares and sheep, offering a pastoral spectacle. Cap dePount lies at an altitude of 1,600 metres and offers refreshing waters, hidden behind a line of hooked pines. This canyoning descent features a series of jumps, sculpted potholes and other geological wonders. The walls are overhung by hooked pines, trees endogenous to the Pyrenees, while the geology of the canyon reveals Hercynian folds. A fascinating exploration in an exceptional natural setting.

Equipment required for canyoning

  • Swimming costume: wear it under the neoprene wetsuit supplied.
  • Change of clothes: for after the activity.
  • Towel: to dry off after canyoning.
  • Closed-toe sports shoes: make sure they are suitable for wet and rocky conditions.
  • Sunglasses with safety cord.
  • Energy snacks: to replenish your strength during the activity.
  • Enough water: to keep you hydrated.

Equipment provided by the guide:

  • Neoprene wetsuit: to keep you dry and warm.
  • Neoprene socks: to protect your feet.
  • Harnesses, helmets, ropes, karabiners, etc.
  • Waterproof rucksack: for carrying food, water, a change of clothes and other personal belongings.
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