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General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS)

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The general terms and conditions of sale apply between Aventure Chlorophylle and the persons booking an activity.
The general terms and conditions of sale may be modified by Aventure Chlorophylle.

Registration for an activity implies that all adult participants (or their legal representative for minors) have read these general conditions and agree to them.

Art 1: The benefits


The sports activities offered by Aventure Chlorophylle, the local union of instructors in the Ossau Valley, are supervised by independent instructors and guides who are members of the local union.
These professionals give a mandate to Aventure Chlorophylle to make reservations on their behalf.
The instructors/guides are state-qualified in their respective disciplines and meet their legislative obligations (U.R.S.S.A.F, D.D.C.S.P.P declaration, professional cards).


Art 2 : Tariffs


The rates are available on the website www.aventure-chlorophylle.com.
The rates are expressed in euros and are not subject to VAT, art 293B and/or 261,4,4 b of the CGI.
Prices include supervision, the loan of equipment and the instructor's professional liability insurance.
Prices do not include transport to the meeting point and to the activity site, the possible rental of equipment (e.g. canyoning shoes), personal expenses, and for all day or multi-day activities: picnics, meals, accommodation, etc.
Community rates apply to groups of minors supervised in a community: leisure centres, schools, homes, etc.
Credit cards are not accepted for payments on site: cheques, holiday vouchers, cash.


Art 3 : Reservation


The reservation must be made by a person of full age and emancipated.
Reservations can be made by telephone, email, post or in person.
The reservation is effective upon receipt of a deposit, the amount of the deposit depends on the distance of the activity date. It can be from 30 to 100 %.


Art 4 : Modification / cancellation


Due to the client :

Cancellation more than 15 days before departure: nothing is due, the deposit is returned.
Cancellation from 14 to 3 days before departure: 30 % of the total amount of the service is due.
Cancellation less than 72 hours before departure: the full amount of the service is due.

A defection of one or more participants is subject to the same conditions as a cancellation.

In the event of an interruption in the service The client or participant will not be entitled to any reimbursement (= withdrawal during the outing, due to fatigue, lack of aptitude, failure to follow instructions, endangering the client or other participants, etc., non-exhaustive list).

An outing can only be cancelled due to weather conditions if these pose a risk to the activity.
The decision to cancel or postpone the activity is taken by the instructor(s) or guide(s); this decision is sovereign.

Because of "Chlorophyll Adventure":

In the event of severe weather conditions or for any other reason affecting the safety of the activity, Alexandre Gumy, Director of the Aventure Chlorophylle Instructors' Office, or the instructor involved in the activity, reserves the right to modify the activity programme in consultation with the participants.
In the event that it is impossible to carry out the activity, it will be possible to postpone it to a later date or to obtain a refund, without being able to claim any compensation.
Aventure Chlorophylle's instructors reserve the right to exclude any participant who is intoxicated or whose behaviour is likely to disrupt the activity or compromise the safety of the group. In this case, the client or participant will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.

Cancellation due to insufficient number of participants :

The departure of our outings is guaranteed with a minimum number of participants (except for private outings).

- For white water activities (rafting), this minimum number is
- For mountain activities, the minimum number is :

  • from 16 Sept to 14 June, excluding Ascension and Whitsun weekends (4 for these weekends)
  • 4 from 15 June to 15 September.
  • 5 for WE canyon in Sierra de Guara.

If this minimum number is not reached, Aventure Chlorophylle reserves the right to cancel the service. However, the client may pay a supplement corresponding to the minimum number required in order to be able to carry out the outing despite an insufficient number of participants.
In the event of cancellation by Aventure Chlorophylle, any sums previously paid will be refunded in full to the client, without any right to claim compensation.


Art 5: Insurance


As an organiser, Aventure Chlorophylle is covered by professional liability insurance.
The instructors or guides involved are insured for professional liability for the teaching of their activities.
Each participant must ensure that he/she is covered by a civil liability and personal accident insurance policy for the practice of the planned sport.


Art 6: Recommendations


The activities proposed by Aventure Chlorophylle are sports, leisure and recreational activities in the open air, known as "risky".
When you register, it is your responsibility to check the prerequisites and the level of skill required. Although the difficulty of the itineraries and routes is adapted and personalised, it is advisable to ensure that you are in sufficient physical condition before committing yourself. In any case, do not overestimate yourself. Make sure you get the right information before booking.

For all whitewater activities and canyoning, it is essential to be able to swim and not to be afraid of water.

Medical contraindications:

Despite all the optimal safety measures implemented during our activities, in strict compliance with the rules, procedures and practices in force in the trade concerned, we apply the precautionary principle in order to avoid endangering others.

In this perspective and taking into account the random nature of the activities, the degree of danger evaluated a priori and subjectively, without a strict scale of value and based on empirical experience in the field and knowledge of the specific environment, also taking into account the difficulty of evaluating the sporting level and ease of a practitioner before the activity, it is compulsory to report certain pathologies or traumas that occurred prior to the activity. For example, a sprained ankle or a surgically operated knee joint can be weakened or even aggravated by an inadvertent injury.

In order to make it easier for you to take care of yourself, and to guide your choice towards the most suitable activity, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor and the organiser in particular of any problems asthma, diabetes, ankle, shoulder and knee injuries, weight problems, chronic ear infections and tendonitis.

Furthermore, as a general rule, the activities offered by Aventure Chlorophylle are not recommended for people with respiratory or cardiovascular problems, tetany attacks, epileptics and pregnant women.


Art 7 : Loss, damage, theft


Aventure Chlorophylle or the instructor supervising the activity cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings during the activity.
The same applies to thefts from vehicles parked in the car parks of activity and meeting places.

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