Caving in the Atlantic Pyrenees


Between science and sport, caving is an extraordinary adventure to discover the seventh continent. Explore the caves and discover the riches of a world shaped by time.

Caving with chlorophyll adventure is :


A sporting adventure a complete sport where a whole range of techniques is used to move underground: walking, climbing, abseiling, crawling to get through the lowest passages

A human adventure The underground environment is a special one, which favours privileged exchanges. This conviviality will help you to overcome your apprehensions

A cultural and scientific adventure Caving is as much a science as a sport. Discovering this environment will help you understand the evolution of our little planet.

A wonder for your eyes!


The temperature is constant underground throughout the year, around 13° in most of the caves we explore.

Our caves are not subject to the risk of rising water: you can even go there when it rains heavily. Activity possible 365 days a year, never cancelled





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