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Half-day caving "initiation to sport".

General public
2h30 in the cave, 3h30 to 4h in total
10 years
Rébénacq, Bruges, Saint Pé de Bigorre
All year round

The ideal way to discover caving in the Ossau Valley or in Saint-Pé


The ideal way to discover caving by exploring a varied cave with abseiling and climbing.
In one part of the cave, the journey underground will require specific techniques and equipment (harnesses & lanyards): climbing passages, roped progression at height, abseiling down a shaft.

Some of the galleries can be visited in a more conventional way: walking, sneaking passages, etc.
Equipped from head to toe for your comfort, your guide will show you the secrets of cave digging.
You will be seduced by the originality of caving: an activity that is both sporty and scientific, where the body moves in an astonishing 3-dimensional environment.


per person

(from 1 to 4 people)


per person

( gr 5 p / -18 years)

The price includes the supervision, the loan of the equipment, the insurance in RC

Advance booking essential

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The activity In detail

General Info

  • Location: Saint Pé de Bigorre, Rébénacq, Arudy (see map at bottom of page). All these sites are about 20 km south of Pau.
  • Possible all year round on reservation, the temperature is constant (13°), these caves can be made even by heavy rain.
  • A 2.5 hour tour of the cave, but it takes 3h30 to 4h00 in all, adding the approach, dressing, preparation, return, etc.
  • Morning: RDV 8:45 or 9:00
  • Afternoon: usually at 1:30 or 2:00 pm

Levels / Difficulties

Initiation to caving adapted to sportsmen who like to travel in difficult terrain

Progressing underground will involve walking, climbing, crawling and other contortions.
There will be verticals to abseil down (10-12 metres) and other roped passages.
Even though we will be standing in most of the cave, we will have to accept a few low passages.

Regular breaks to decipher the environment will be made, the discovery is fun and friendly.


  •  Be in good physical condition, have a regular sport practice.
  • Be able to suspend yourself in a harness for roped descents.
  • Children from 10 years old


The activity is supervised by a qualified caving instructor A member of the Ossau valley instructors' office, Aventure Chlorophylle.
Groups of maximum 10 participants per instructor.

Materials provided

  • Nylon suit to protect your clothes from most dirt (clay caves)
  • Boots (from 30 to 47)
  • Knee pads
  • Gloves
  • Helmet with lighting

Please prepare the list of participants with first name, height (=height in cm), weight, shoe size so that we can come to the meeting point with the appropriate equipment.

This list must be sent to us either at the time of registration or at least 48 hours before the outing.


Rébénacq, Bruges, Saint Pé de Bigorre


Need information?

You must plan for

Underground, the temperature is constant: 13° in most of our caves.

  • Bring long, flexible sportswear: jogging trousers or tights (no shorts, no trousers, no jeans), a t-shirt + a light, long-sleeved sweatshirt.
  • Choose materials that do not retain moisture (e.g. polyester or polyamide).
  • A pair of long socks
  • Full replacement, from head to toe.
  • No credit card for payment on sitePlease bring a cheque, cash (with a deposit if possible), holiday vouchers, ANCV sports vouchers.


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