Special rates 2024


The outing prices include :

- supervision by a qualified instructor,
- the loan of individual equipment specific to the activity (e.g.: harness, helmet, wetsuit etc.),
- liability insurance

To make it easier for you to read the tables below, here is some information:

Reduced rates :

- Group: rates per person applicable for groups of 5 people or more
- Youth/Children: Children under 16 years of age benefit from the reduced rate

For groups of minors supervised in a community (schools, hostels, leisure centres, etc.): refer to the table Community rates


Multi-activity rates :

You want to do several activities with Aventure Chlorophylle or come back after a first activity (because it was so good!).

- Multi-activity rate: From the third activity onwards, a reduction of 10 % is applied to the following activities. The first two activities will therefore be paid at the full rate, the following ones will be charged at a reduction of 10%.

This offer is valid until 31 December of the current year.


Method of payment :

A deposit of 50% will be requested at the time of booking.

Payment in advance You wish to pay the totality of your activity before your outing to be at ease on the day:
- Payment by credit card is possible in advance, via a secure payment link sent by email.
- Cheque
- Species
- Holiday vouchers
- ANCV sport coupon

Payment on site Cash, cheques, holiday vouchers, ANCV sport vouchers accepted
Please note: payment by credit card is not possible on site. Our instructors do not have a terminal.



CANYONINGFormulaStandard rateGroups of 5 or more people
Children under 18
Half day"Oxygen50 €/Pers45 €/Pers
"Adventure"55 €/Pers
"Span".60 €/Pers
Day 1 canyon"Oxygen75 €/Pers70 €/Pers
"Adventure"75 €/Pers
Day 2 canyons"Adventure"75 €/Pers70 €/Pers


SPELEOLOGYFormulaStandard rateGroups of 5 or more people
Children under 18
Half day"Explorers52 €/Pers48 €/Pers
"Sports initiation".52 €/Pers48 €/Pers
"The intensive63€/Pers
DayGrotte des Eaux Chaudes80€/Pers70 €/Pers
Havau-Bouhadère crossing80 €/Pers70 €/Pers
Crossing the Moustalhous75€/Pers70€/Pers
DayVertical (down + up)See commitment rates


RAFTINGFormulaStandard rateGroups of 5 or more people
Children under 18
late June to early Oct
Half day Lestelle-Bétharram40 €/pers35 €/pers
SpringHalf day Lestelle-Bétharram40 €/pers35 €/pers
Half day Herrère-Oloron55 €/Pers50 €/Pers
Buzy-Oloron Day75 €/pers70 €/Pers


CLIMBINGFormulaStandard rateGroups of 5 or more people
Children under 18
March to OctoberClimbing school (half day)40 €/Pers35 €/Pers
Private outing, training, major routes350€/outing

Via-Ferrata / Via-Cordata

VIA-FERRATA / VIA-CORDATAFormulaStandard rate Groups of 5 or more people
Children under 18
May to OctoberVia ferrata of Siala (half day)45 €/pers40 €/pers
March to OctoberVia corda du Hourat (half day)45 €/pers40 €/pers
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