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Mountain biking in the Ossau valley, Laruns 64

17 km, 1200 m downhill
From 12 years old
Aubisque Pass
May to September

Immerse yourself in a downhill mountain biking experience on the legendary Col d'Aubisque. This activity is specially designed for mountain biking enthusiasts who have already gained experience on singles and hard-packed trails. It is essential to feel comfortable following narrow tracks and to be able to maintain your balance when standing on the pedals.

On this adventure, you'll hurtle down the dizzying slopes of the Col d'Aubisque, enjoying a descent packed with thrills and breathtaking views. Get ready for technical trails, steep sections and tight bends that will put your riding skills to the test. Our experienced guides will be on hand to accompany you and provide invaluable advice on how to tackle the obstacles safely.

On this thrilling descent, you'll be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding Pyrenean peaks and the region's stunning scenery. Get ready for the pure adrenalin of downhill mountain biking as you explore the wild trails of the Col d'Aubisque.


per person

(from 1 to 3 people)


per person

(from 4 persons)

Advance booking essential

The activity In detail

General Info

  • Location: Ossau valley. In general, MTB level 1 on the Bielle / Bilhères en Ossau sector (Bénou plateau); MTB level 2 & 3 on the Col d'Aubisque > Béost sector
  • May to September
  • 2 to 3 hours on the bike, 3.5 hours in total
  • Morning: RDV 8:30 am in Bielle or Laruns
  • Afternoon: usually at 1.30 pm

Levels / Difficulties

MTB Level 1: Gentle Mountain

Level 1 is for people who know how to ride a bike, but are not mountain bike specialists.

Mountain biking suitable for beginners: a fun way to discover the Ossau valley from the Bénou plateau to the valley floor.
14 km, 600 m. of downhill gradient.

The course starts on the Bénou plateau. The first part allows you to learn about easy terrain in order to get to know your horse. You will cross pastures and ride on passable tracks. After a short climb, you will start the descent to the bottom of the valley: the dominant viewpoint is magnificent. The descent is on wide paths with some tarmac sections. Once at the bottom of the valley, there is a walk back to the meeting point.

Mountain biking Level 2: Big mountain

Level 2 is for people who already know how to ride a mountain bike

Supervised by Jean-Mi, our mountain bike instructor, this intermediate level route crosses the mountain pastures and descends the slopes of the Green Mountain to the valley floor near Laruns.

You will ride on varied terrain: pastures, singles (path just the width of the passage), carriageable track (wider).
Even if the itinerary is accessible, you must already have a good level of mountain biking skills: be able to manage your braking and gear shifting, be able to manage your balance on the pedals, be able to ride along a narrow track.

17 km, 1200 m. of ascent to descend. High altitude atmosphere with a departure from the Aubisque pass.

MTB Level 3: Advanced

Level 3: advanced course for good mountain bikers

Technical mountain bike route from the Col d'Aubisque to Béost, via the Soum de Grum tour.
Do you ride mountain bikes regularly? Can you ride off-road? Are you not afraid of steep slopes and narrow paths? Then this sporty route is for you!

Mountain atmosphere and exceptional panorama from the green mountain.
17 km, 1200 m. of ascent to descend.


  • Be in good physical condition
  • Children from 12 years old

Level 1: cycling skills
Level 2: know how to ride a mountain bike, including riding on narrow trails (singles)
Level 3: for experienced mountain bikers


The activity is supervised by a qualified mountain bike instructorAventure Chlorophylle, a partner of the Ossau Valley instructors' office.
Groups of 6 to 10 participants maximum for one instructor.

Materials provided

  • Semi-suspended mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes Possibility to come with your own mountain bike if it is suitable for the planned route, in this case - 10 € on the price list.
  • Headset

Please prepare the list of participants with first name, height (=height in cm) and weight so that we can come to the meeting point with the appropriate equipment. This list should be sent to us either at registration or at least 48 hours before the outing.


It will be communicated to you when you make your reservation.

Need information?

You must plan for

  • Sportswear
  • Closed-toe shoes such as trainers, tennis shoes or low-top hiking boots
  • A waterproof windproof jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • A small backpack with water bottle and snacks
  • No credit card for payment on sitePlease bring a cheque, cash (with a deposit if possible), holiday vouchers, ANCV sports vouchers.


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