Via Cordata du Hourat

General public
2h00 to 2h30 on the wall, 3h30 in total
From 12 years old
March to November, in dry weather

The Hourat gorges, an unusual and breathtaking route


The via cordata is a variant of the via ferrata, closer to theclimbing Via corda: in via corda, you move in contact with the rock, the route is 100 % natural and follows the ledges along the cliff.

The climb, compared to the via ferrata of Siala in Gourette, is no more difficult, but the lack of metal bars to hold on to makes the progress more impressive for novice climbers and more pleasant for those who are comfortable !

This via gives a magical view of the Hourat gorges. We move about fifty meters above the Gave d'Ossau only a few steps away from the city centre of Laruns !

Monkey bridges and climbing route are on the programme on this course. Still an Ossalois wonder to discover!


per person

(from 1 to 3 people)


per person

(groups of 5 people or more/ -18 years)

The price includes the supervision, the loan of the equipment, the insurance in RC

Advance booking essential

The activity In detail

General Info

  • Location : Laruns (Ossau Valley, 40 km south of Pau, 64) Google Maps RDV Laruns
  • +/- 2 hours of cliff walking, but it is necessary to count +/- 3h30 in total by adding the approach, the dressing, the preparation, the return, etc.
  • Morning: RDV 8:45 or 9:00
  • Afternoon: usually at 1:30 or 2:00 pm

Levels / Difficulties

A high-level course along a cliff.
A vertiginous route along the Hourat gorges.
The route follows a belay rope on the cliff: a stripped-down technique for gaining height in complete safety.

The climbing level is III to IV+: no previous climbing experience is required, but a minimum level of comfort at heights is necessary.


  • Be in good physical condition, without necessarily being athletic, and be at least comfortable with heights
  • Children aged 12 and over (140 cm)


The activity is supervised by a qualified climbing instructorA member of the Ossau valley instructors' office, Aventure Chlorophylle.
Groups of maximum 6-7 participants per instructor.

Materials provided

  • Climbing harness with lanyards
  • Headset


In Laruns

Need information?

You must plan for

  • Sportswear, if possible long-legged (jogging or hiking trousers, tights)
  • Trainers, hiking boots or other athletic footwear with adhesion
  • A small backpack per group to carry water and snacks
  • No credit card for payment on site, please bring a cheque, cash (with a deposit if possible), holiday vouchers, ANCV sports vouchers.

Via Ferrata or Via Cordata?

The Via Cordata route uses only the natural holds offered by the rock, and the entrance to the course is directly above ground. As a result, the Via Cordata will be more mentally impressive than the Via Ferrata. However, climbing the Via Ferrata using the metal bars is just as physical as the Via Cordata.

If you have already climbed and are not afraid of heights: choose the Via Cordata.
If you have never climbed before and are a little apprehensive about heights: opt for the Via Ferrata
If you have never climbed before, but are intrepid: opt for the Via Cordata

If you have never climbed before and you are not in good physical condition, you can test yourself with an introductory rock climbing session.

Finally, if you like climbing, are not afraid even at the top, and are in good physical condition: climbing a big mountain route is for you!


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