Cap de Pount

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A wild canyon


In one half an hour from Laruns and 1 hour from PauThe car park leading to this very pretty canyon nestled in the National Park of the Pyreneesat the foot of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau. If the 400m canyon the output level remains at the same level as the input level. sportsman due to the approach and return walks: 2h15 to 2h45 more of the canyon. The the highest waterfall is 12m and the highest jump which is also the last fact about 7m. The depth of the jumping basins should be checked every year, of course.

Bious Plateau

In the heart of the National Park


Since the Bious-Artigues car park or Bious-Oumettes depending on the number of visitors, it will take 1h to 1h15 of walking to get there. It is already a pleasure to walk through the forest along the lake to water turquoise and then after 40 minutes to the high altitude pastures of the Bious plateau. Only 20 minutes left to reach the end of the canyon at the bridge (pount!).

If you feel likeapproaching cows grazing on the plateau, especially if there are calves, refrain from doing so ! These ladies might take you for a threat to their offspring... Mares and their foals keep them company.                                                                 

You will need to scan the surrounding slopes to discern the herds of brebis generally at higher altitudes. Depending on the season, the path will be lined with crocuses, thistles or wild irises. Only purple flowers!

1st canyon jump cap de pount

Fresh water guaranteed!

The canyon lies behind a line of hooked pines. Located at about 1600m altitudeThe combination is not too much: the water is very refreshing. The canyon is accessed by walking up the right bank along a path towards the cap de pount hut where you can buy sheep's milk cheese.

The first parade is taking shape. The first callback is often skipped Several heights are possible, depending on the depth. This waterfall can also be abseiled but, for the uninitiated, this is rather awkward.

Numerous jumps of 1 to 4m punctuate the rather slippery course. The decor of carved and smoothed pots by the pebble swirls is remarkable. An archa real hole drilled through the rock, offers a natural window on the basin below. A little further on, a pierced pot with very thin blades lets the water flow through and gives a glimpse of a beautiful beach for picnicsYou can do it with your feet in the water or on a big block of limestone!

To be booked!

canyon kettles cap de pount

The geology of the canyon



The walls are overhung by hooked pines, survivors of the the era glacialThey hang in the cracks of the rocks. It is a tree endogenous to the Pyrénées Orientales. Its generally tortured habit draws a characteristic silhouette on the sky. Its name comes from the curved base of the scales of its shiny cones.                                      It can live up to 2000 years!

Geologicallythe canyon of cap de pount is rich in lessons learned! If the Pic du Midi d'Ossau is in fact a tiny part of a huge crater dating from the primary era, the canyon is carved into the Carboniferous limestone. A number of Hercynian folds can be seen here. It is a small glacial lock, i.e. the rocks, which are more resistant, have not been eroded by the glacier and the rocky floor is higher at this point.

hooked pins cap de pount

The end of the canyon is obvious The walls disappear, the track and the bridge are just 30m away! All that's left to do is to get dressed in the dry and get ready for the return journey, in a different light!                                                  Have a nice day!

Candice Piechaud, canyoning and climbing guide

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