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Do you know the Canceigt canyon in Béost in the Ossau valley?

16 Oct, 2021 | Chlorophyll Adventure, Canyoning, Ossau Valley

Canyoning is one of the most popular mountain activities in the Ossau valley during the summer. One of the most popular canyons is a jewel located near Laruns and runs through the village of Béost:


A canyon in Béost ...

The entrance to the canyon is above the village of Béost at the hamlet of Bagès. The approach walk is quick and easy (5 minutes downhill) and allows you to plunge into the forest to access the Canceigt !

The entrance to the canyon is carved in a schist which is crossed by numerous veins of calcite and which allows a gentle start to the canyon with 2 small slides and a first bath. Then, a short walk during which we cross the ruins of the mills of Béost, which remind us of the life that animated the gorge from the medieval period until the 18th century.

Entrance to the Canceigt canyon 1 hour from Pau in the Pyrenees

Slides, jumps, walking in the heart of the forest


Once past the mills, the canyoning part begins in earnest. We start with some small slides and 2 small technical jumps that we can bypass. Here we can see the first tuff formations, the gorge deepens as we go along and the scenery is impressive!





Canyoning in the Pyrenees, 1 hour from Pau
The canyon of Canceigt in Béost (Pyrénées Atlantiques)

Slipping between the blocks ...


On leaving this first narrow passageWe descend through a chaos of boulders to the bed of the Canceigt, and from there we have the opportunity to get under the blocks for a few caving-type passages in a wet environment that enhance this passage.






One of the most beautiful canyoning passages in the Pyrenees ...


We then come to the part the coolest part of the descentHere we enter a part of the Canceigt canyon that is particularly beautiful and fun to descend!

A slide in a swimming pool, suspended more than 10m high with a magnificent abseil, to find yourself at the bottom of the gorge with water springs flowing on all sides. If you are lucky enough to be there during the daily half hour when the light enters the canyon...


The Canceigt gorges in the Atlantic Pyrenees (64)

A 13m abseil


After this 13m abseil, which is as impressive as it is easy, we are at the bottom of the gorge. There is now a 5m jump (which is the highest in the canyon) in a large pool surrounded by tuff waterfalls and limestone concretions, a delight for the eyes!


Recall in the Canceigt canyon, 1h3 from the Basque Country
Canyoning in the gorges du Canceigt in Laruns

A unique landscape in the Ossau valley!


We finish the descent with a ten minute walk in the canyon to find the right bank exit!

From there, the only thing left to do is a few minutes walk back and a car shuttle to finish the descent!



Alexandre Gumy, A Day in the Mountains   instructor at the Bureau Aventure Chlorophylle.

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