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Gourette, the other climbing spot, in the Ossau valley

21 Apr, 2022 | Blog

Gourette: a climbing spot not to be missed near Laruns!

Everyone knows Gourettein the Ossau valley, it is a ski resort. The first in the Pyrenees, even, according to René Arripe, who tells its history in one of his many books, History and little stories of Gourette. On the other hand, if we talk about climbing in Ossau valleyWill we think of Gourette? No, we will think first of the volcanic massif of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau, inevitably, we only see it from the boulevard des Pyrénées in Pau !

climbing gourette pene medaa Laruns

Climbing routes of several hundred metres in the heart of the Pyrenees


However, the Gourette limestone massif is not to be outdone. It offers a style ofslab plus climbing There is more choice of routes than in Ossau, and there are several summits to choose from: Pène Médaa and Pène Sarrière, Pic des Coutchets, Pic de Ger (which is almost a massif in itself) and Pic de l'Amoulat. From very nice routes from 150m to over 600mThe classic or modern (almost equipped) routes will attract the most enduring among you, with sometimes more than two hours of approach walking and 4 or 5 hours of climbing.

Long route climbing Pène Sarrière- Gourette Pyrenees
Climbing, Sarrière peak in Gourette 64

Rocks or cliffs of initiation to discover climbing from Gourette


The smaller climbers or beginners pourront trouver leur compte sur des rocks or cliffs for initiationThese few areas are frequented in summer by groups of young people from the Cardet holiday centre. For childrenThere are several sectors: the "rocher en bois", the "rocher à Maylin", a dozen routes of about twenty metres. The slabs of the Col de Tortes (45min walk and a beautiful view of the massif) or the magnificent fluted slabs of the west face of Pène Sarrière will appeal to more comfortable climbers.

Try your hand at adventure with guides from the Ossau valley!

If you want to try an adventure in GouretteAventure Chlorophylle offers you its choice of the most elegant itineraries of the massif You will be accompanied by the guides of the Ossau valley, partners of Aventure Chlorophylle, who know this beautiful area well and are always happy to go up there and have a look at the routes of the Pène Sarrière (200m in V), "A Quim le bèrbère" on the Coutchets peak (660m in 6a max) and "les chemins du Dharma" (520m in V) on the Ger kidney. You will be accompanied by guides from the Ossau valley, partners of Aventure Chlorophylle, who know this beautiful area well and are always delighted to go up there!

Great climbing route Gourette - Ossau Valley

So, why not meet up next summer in Gourette, a winter resort, but also a summer climbing resort?

Pascal Carcenac, Escarando climbing, canyoning and via ferrata instructor, member of the Aventure Chlorophylle office

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