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The Eaux-Chaudes cave: the cave of a thousand and one treasures (located on the heights of Eaux-Chaudes)

4 Jul, 2022 | Blog

The adventure begins by a hike on a forest path during which you will be able to admire sumptuous landscapes: the peak of Bouerzy, the Bitet valley, the village of Goust, the Gave d'Ossau which flows below, ...

We stop in front of a porch that opens in the middle of a wall rocky. You may have already seen this majestic entrance. But after a few steps you stopped .

With our guidesGo further into the exploration! Finally, come and visit the next part, venture further into this cave with its beautiful scenery.

caving in the Eaux-Chaudes cave

Are you a history buff?


Come and discover and contemplate the work done at the time of the empress Eugenie who loved this cave and used to come and walk in it. Immerse yourself in the 19th centuryThis is the time when the cave was discovered.

Geology enthusiasts?


The underground river has left its mark. Discover the rock formationObserve the natural kettles and the many stalactites in these vast spaces. you won't know where to turn ... or rather the lamp!

caving underground river

Are you a thrill seeker?


A unusual underground adventureOn your feet or hanging from a rope, you will experience new ways of moving. In this cave, we move forward in walkingin climbing on rope, in scaling rocks, in progressing on a lifeline. Then we will return by the same route with a small exception to abseil down! Sensations guaranteed.

Accessible to anyone who enjoys physical activity and discovery, this cave with wide open spaces is worth a visit. With family or friends, don't delay in booking!

caving Eaux-Chaudes
Jonathan Dorez, addicted to naturecaving and canyoning guide, member of the bureau aventure chlorophylle

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