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The Gorgol Canyon in the Spanish Pyrenees

27 Mar, 2022 | Blog

A nice canyoning trip in Spain, only 1 hour from Laruns


Located in the Spanish Pyrenees about 50km away or 1h from Larunsbetween Tramacastilla and Piedrafita de Jaca (province of Huesca), Aragon), the Gorgol canyon is crossed by the Lana Mayor. This canyon, which is quite short, offers a superb descent into a red box punctuated by beautiful and often deep basins. The water remains cool all year round, so it's best to venture in on a sunny day.


Jumping in the Gorgol canyon - Spanish Pyrenees

A canyon with beautiful coloured walls


The approach walk is in the undergrowth, on tracks and paths leading upwards to the right. After 30 minutes without hurryingWe can equip ourselves with neoprene suits, helmets and harnesses.

Shortly after entering the river bed, we cross a 2m high jump between boulders in the water vein. The colours of the walls are already a magnificent sight. The various rock folds punctuate the whole descent. A first small jump of 1m allows you to warm up! The descent continues with a small slide 2m on the left bank by sliding on the smooth rock: by passing through the waterfallThere is a risk of getting stuck in the final shrinkage...


canyoning gorgol spain
toboggan in the Gorgol canyon - Spanish Pyrenees

Slides, jumps and waterfalls!


The next obstacle is crossed either by braked slideor by a 5m jump rather on the left (small underwater block on the right) from the end of the handrail (chain). Depending on the year, the depth of the basin can vary greatly and jumping is not always possible. The more daring can try a rope climb in the waterfall It's good to have friends to help you get started in the undertow! After a great fight to get up the waterfall, you've earned a free ride for a second jump ! From the big rock in the middle of the basin you can encourage your friends or take a nap, floating and contemplating the curves of the limestone cut by the millenary erosion. The ochre and red walls are a feast for the eyes.

Abseil or jump to an emerald coloured pool


The next narrow gap is crossed by a 7m jump or abseil (exceptionally by tyrolean traverse if 2 instructors). The emerald coloured reception bowl is wide and deep. On the left bank, there's plenty of fun to be had diving or jumping with a short, curving run-up!

Jumping in the Gorgol canyon - Spanish Pyrenees
abseiling in a water vein - canyoning gorgol

A 15m abseil and a fun slide!


A last big abseil of 15m with a spider wire passage will delight the most intrepid. Be careful, however, to follow the right-hand wall at the end of the rope to get out of the basin. The left-hand side could make you drink the cup more than desired!

Finally, a last slide allows you to slide into the last basin. Try it out in all positions, lying feet first or head first, on your back or on your stomach... When you come back to the edge, enjoy a last jump of 4m ! Grow well and aim well! The grey and brown limestone is here veined with numerous white inclusions: the meeting of the African and European tectonic plates has exerted strong pressures !

The return to the vehicles takes 2 minutes via the track.

Slides, abseiling, waterfalls, jumps and beautiful rocks: everything we love about canyoning!


Candice Piechaud, Nature Spirita counsellor at the Bureau Aventure Chlorophylle.

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