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How we work: A local union

10 Mar, 2023 | Blog

Chlorophylle Adventure Guides


Aventure Chlorophylle is a grouping of independent guides, all of whom are state-qualified, into a local union.

The guides who have been accompanying holidaymakers in the Ossau Valley for several years have acquired a in-depth knowledge of the region. Although they come from different parts of France (and even Spain!), these guides have all been won over by the beauty of the valley and have chosen to make it their home.

Unlike a companyA trade union cannot make a profit. Indeed, in a trade union, all members have a sayThey consult each other and discuss together the orientations and actions that concern the general interest.




Chlorophylle Adventure Guides

Booking mountain and white-water activities


Aventure Chlorophylle was created 20 years ago with the aim of centralize reservations through a single secretariat. This solution has made it possible to better respond to calls and meet the demands even when the guides were active.

Both the permanent guides and the collaborating guides of Aventure Chlorophylle have agreed to leave a commission on their output to cover the costs of running the office (secretaries' salaries, office rent, insurance). This has enabled the establishment of a efficient secretariatwhich offers a real advantage by having a single contact for book a variety of activities during your stay.

In the face of increasing demand for all-inclusives, having a single secretariat is a real strength for Aventure Chlorophylle. This solution was set up 20 years ago to facilitate bookings and satisfy customers by offering a wide choice of activities through a single contact.


Common values


Although some changes have taken place since 2001, the values Chlorophylle Adventure Fundamentals have remained the same. We want to promote a destination: the Ossau Valley and Bearn, more widely.

We are involved in local initiatives such as theThe maintenance and preservation of watercoursess, the partnerships with Ossau Pro and the Ossau Valley Tourist Officethe recommendation other providers and the establishment of a list of accommodation on our website.

We are working to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and to create a sustainable situation for the mountain and white water sports professionals living in the region.


Pic du midi d'Ossau

The permanent guides of Aventure Chlorophylle are self-employed and have their own websites:


Pascal CARCENAC, climbing and canyoning guide, Escarando

Johan FONTVIEILLE, climbing and canyoning guide, Arké

Lionel AUBRIOT, canyoning guide, Kathaayatraa

Candice PIECHAUD, canyoning and climbing guide, Nature spirit

Vincent FOURNIER, rafting guide, Yes we raft

Alexandre GUMY, climbing and canyoning guide, A day in the mountains

Jonathan DOREZ, canyoning and caving guide, Nature addicts

Yann BERNIER, climbing and canyoning guide, Watery Pyrenees

Félix CHEVET, climbing and canyoning guide

Millan IBANEZ, canyoning and caving guide, Caminam

Canyoning and climbing guides in the Ossau valley in the Pyrenees 64
Caving guide in the Ossau valley in the Pyrenees 64

Aventure Chlorophylle's guides will advise you and help you prepare your stay all year round. Book your activities online or contact us for more information.

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