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Caving in the Ossau valley this winter?

8 Feb, 2021 | Chlorophyll Adventure, Caving, Ossau Valley

Are you looking for an original, fun and sporty mountain activity to enjoy with friends or family during the winter holidays? Do you want to play explorer with your children?
How about a caving trip?

All year round (yes, even in winter!)

Aventure Chlorophylle's instructors offer caving trips for everyone, from 7 years old. Underground descents are organised almost daily during the school holidays!

But what is caving anyway?

The idea of caving is to go explore a cave with friends or family (with a guide for those who are not initiated). It is a sport in its own right and much more accessible than you might think! Most of the progress is made by walking. You will also have to crawl, climb, and sometimes abseil. This is the heart of these explorations! And don't forget that we are not alone underground... Our guides will tell you more!

Rhinolophe (horseshoe bat)

Is it cold in the caves of the Ossau Valley?

A cool thing that you don't always know is that the temperature underground is about the same all year round (about 13°C). So in winter, it's warmer underground than on the surface! One more reason to take advantage of the holidays to discover the numerous underground caves that the Ossau valley and its surroundings offer.

In the Ossau valley, there are caves with ArudyRébénacq, Les Eaux-ChaudesBruges, Izeste. Aiming a little further afield, there is a magnificent network in Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre (8 km from Lourdes) to which we go very regularly.

In addition, our instructors will provide you with: an oversuit to protect your clothes, a pair of boots, a helmet (yes, the ceiling is sometimes a bit low!), a powerful headlamp attached to the helmet (it's all dark down there!), a pair of gloves (the rock is sometimes abrasive in the caves) and, if the cave requires it, a harness

In short, you won't be cold and you'll be safe with the right equipment!

To finish convincing you Caving : caving can be done even when it rains ! The caves we propose you to discover are protected from the rising water (even by heavy rain). A good way to enjoy a mountain activity this winter even on rainy days.


Jonathan from AccroNature in the Izeste cave.

Caving trips this winter with Aventure Chlorophylle

The outings we offer are half-day or full-day. At the moment, in order to respect the sanitary rules imposed by the Covid19, we make groups of 5 people.

Jonathan fromAccroNature and Nicolas ofChlorophyll Adventure will be your monitors this winter to share this universe with you! They will take the time to help you discover this unique environment shaped by water and time at your own pace. With your guide, your journey will take you through vast rooms, smaller ones, you will wander through galleries with stalactite-covered walls or cross the path of underground rivers. You will also discover the fauna and the traces that the inhabitants of the place may have left there!

 Information and reservations on Chlorophyll Adventure ! or on Nicolas or Alexandre will be happy to answer you!

Aventure Chlorophylle's guides will advise you and help you prepare your stay all year round. Book your activities online or contact us for more information.

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