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What mountain sports to do in the Ossau valley this winter?

2 Feb, 2021 | Canyoning, Rafting, Caving, Ossau Valley

The ski lifts in the ski resorts of Gourette and Artouste are closed for the moment. But many other activities are available to you to enjoy your stay in the Ossau valley this winter!

Aventure Chlorophylle regularly organises caving trips throughout the winter. Colleagues offering other activities are also busy! Here are a few ideas to keep you busy on nice winter days as well as on the more temperamental ones.

Snowshoe hikes

Snowshoeing is a unique way to discover the mountains in a different way. Far from the ski lifts and the crowds, discover the unspoilt nature. Follow the tracks of wild animals (isards, foxes). Recharge your batteries!

There are many snowshoeing itineraries in the Ossau valley. For example, you can :

  • walk around the cirque of Anéou (at the level of the Pourtalet pass).
  • follow the route from Pont de Camps to the edge of the Gave, which leads through the climbing blocks
  • or go to the Chérue hut (from the Sagette bridge above the Fabrèges lake).

Snow permitting, you can also walk on the Benou plateau (above the villages of Bielle and Bilhère en Ossau) and why not discover the cromlechs, stone circles full of history.

The Ossau valley, like all the Pyrenees, is full of places to discover in winter!

To discover the activity in complete safety and benefit from the advice of a guideFor more information, please contact the tourist offices of the Ossau valley. Throughout the winter season, the guides offer a wide range of full-day and half-day activities for families, friends and individuals!


View from the Benou plateau.

View of the Anéou cirque during the ascent of the Peyreget peak

Ski touring

Ski touring allows you to discover a wild and authentic mountain, without having to use the ski lifts (which is a good thing because they are closed for at least a few more weeks!).

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the valley's mountain guides have prepared unforgettable itineraries for you!

For a discovery of the activity, they will be able to take you hiking in the cirque of Anéou with the ascent to the pass of Anéou or the peak of Canaourouye with a departure at the pass of Pourtalet (at the end of the road going up from Laruns to Artouste, at the French-Spanish border).

From this same pass, for the more sporty, a 2-day ski tour will allow you to go around the mythical Pic du Midi d'Ossau, with a night at the Pombie refuge.

View of the Anéou cirque.

For further information, please contact the valley's tourist offices:


Caving in winter in the Ossau valley ?

We don't think about it much but caving can be practiced in summer and winter. Winter is certainly the best season for this activity. The temperature of the caves is almost constant all year round (around 13°C), so you will be safe underground!

So why not take advantage of your stay in the Atlantic Pyrenees to venture underground with the instructors of Aventure Chlorophylle? On the programme, explore magnificent underground routes around, for example, the villages of Rébénacq, Bruge, Izeste or Eaux Chaudes!

A unique adventure that is as much about sport as it is about culture: underground, you crawl, climb, walk and learn about the functioning of this underground biotope (its formation, its inhabitants...). And above all, you'll be amazed!


Cave of Rébénacq.

Canyoning in winter?!

But yes, it is possible! Winter canyoning is a unique way to discover a new facet of the mountains in winter: by descending its canyons! You will discover incredible landscapes, from the bottom of the canyons.

This practice is made possible by equipment adapted to stay dry and warm (the water is still cold in this season ;-)). Waterproof wetsuits and fleece under-suits will be provided (in addition to the classic canyoning equipment). In short you thought you were cold, with Lionel you will be warm to participate in the adventure! Here are some pictures of our last trip with our instructors to make you want to go!

Lionel from Kathaayatraa offers half-day or full-day trips from 70 euros to discover or rediscover the Pyrenean canyons in their winter form. Do not hesitate to contact him for more information. The preferred canyons are those of the middle mountains (Ossau valley, Valentin valley, Basque country or Gavarnie).


Have a good winter and enjoy each day, they are precious these days!


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Canyon of Canceigt at Laruns.

Aventure Chlorophylle's guides will advise you and help you prepare your stay all year round. Book your activities online or contact us for more information.

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