Canyoning Pau


Canyoning in the Pyrenees, 1h from Pau, 1h45 from Bayonne and 2h from Toulouse.

Canyons near Pau


Known for its famous Pic du Midi d'OssauThe Ossau valley in the Pyrénées Atlantiques is a a rich playground for canyoning. Whether you are a beginner or already have canyoning experience, we can offer you the route that's right for you.

For the beginners (and even initiates)The guide will take you on a tour of the Canceigt canyon at Béost and the Bious canyon at Gabas. If you are sportythe must-see Soussouéou canyon at Artouste, and the Cap de Pount and Cap de Pount canyons. Brousset in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park will leave you with unforgettable memories.

For the most experienced and lovers of sensations strongthe legendary descent of the Bitet canyon with a 35m abseil and a slide that can be ejected up to 10m. day or half-day.

All these canyons are around Laruns in the Ossau valley, yet their landscapes are extremely varied: narrow gorges for the Canceigt, series of basins in the Soussouéou canyonriver often open in the Bious canyon.


Abseiling down a waterfall in the Brousset canyon in the Pyrenees National Park

Canyoning at Bious?

The Bious canyon at Gabas, in the Pyrénées Atlantiques region, offers a fun experience to share with family or with friends. There are jumpss, the slides and abseiling in clear, cool pools and waterfalls. This canyon, just 20 minutes from Laruns and 1 hour from Pau, is ideal for water sports enthusiasts. beginners and those who prefer a more relaxed approach to the activity. Jumps are not compulsory and can easily be avoided. Access to the canyon is easy from the hamlet of Gabaswith a short walk along the road leading to the Lake Bious Artigues. The highlight of this canyon is the possibility of doing numerous jumps. There's also a 7-metre abseil and a large slide. A range of half day and whole day are on offer, with the option of picnicking in the canyon. The outing generally finishes between 4 and 5.30pm, with a quick return to the cars.

Slide in the Bious canyon at Gabas in the Ossau valley
Descent of the Canceigt canyon in the Ossau valley near Laruns in the Atlantic Pyrenees

Canyoning at Béost in the Pyrenees

The Canceigt canyon in Béost, in the Ossau valleyis one of the canyons in the region. The entrance to the canyon is above the village of Béost, near the hamlet of Bagès. The approach walk is quick and easy, through the forest, to reach the Canceigt stream. The canyon gets off to a gentle start with a few small slides and an initial dip. Then the real adventure begins with slides more substantials, the jumps and walk in the heart of the forest. We pass through tuff formations and the throat deepens as you go along. There are also passages under boulders, adding to the complexity. a touch of caving. The descent includes a slide in a pool suspended over 10 metres high, a 13-metre abseil and a 5-metre jump into a pool surrounded by waterfalls. The descent ends with a short walk and a shuttle bus ride home.

Soussouéou Canyon

The Soussouéou canyonlocated in the Ossau valley, offers an attractive experience with its crystal-clear, fresh waterits numerous jumps and slides. The descent of the canyon is punctuated by a continuing succession obstaclesoffering a sports and fun trail. The Soussouéou torrent is often compared to a water park, and originates downstream of the Artouste dam. The canyon can be explored by half day or a full day with Aventure Chlorophylle. The approach walk differs according to the option chosen, with the arrival point on the right bank for the half-day and on the left bank for the full day, after a walk along the river. cornice des Alhias. The slides are numerous and varied, with clear pools and challenging obstacles such as an 11-metre abseil. Despite the duration of the activity, participants often find it hard to believe that it's already over.

Canyon of the Soussouéou at Artouste in the Ossau valley in the Pyrenees
Descent of the Cap de Pount canyon in the Pyrenees National Park

Canyoning in the Pyrenees National Park

The Cap de Pount canyonnestling in the Pyrenees National Park, offers a wild experience just 30 minutes from Laruns and 1 hour from Pau. The descent of this 400-metre canyon is quick, but the level of difficulty remains high. sporty because of the approach and return walks. The highest waterfall measures 12 metres and the highest jump, which is also the last, is around 7 metres. The approach walk takes between 1 and 1 hour 15 minutes from the Bious-Artigues or Bious-Oumettes car parks. The canyon is hidden behind a row of hooked pinesThe water is refreshing. The route is punctuated by waterfallsof pans carved and interesting geological landscapes. The end of the canyon is marked by a track and a bridge, where it's time to get dressed and prepare for the return journey.

Adventure in the Brousset canyon in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park

The Brousset canyonlocated in the upper Ossau valley near the pass du Pourtaletoffers an exceptional canyoning descent. This 1.5 km section is carved out of soft limestone, with numerous "pans of giants". formed by erosion. The Brousset canyon offers obstacles adapted to sportsmen and womenwith handrails, abseils of up to 16 metres, optional jumps of up to 7 metres and a mountain atmosphere among the beech trees. With its natural flow, this canyon is generally accessible from the end of June. A day's canyoning includes a picnic by the water, a descent of around 4h30 and a shuttle by car to avoid walking along the road. Once the descent is complete, A Spanish tradition awaits participants with beers, tapas and olive oil at the border.

Brousset Canyon in the Ossau Valley in the Pyrenees
35m abseiling in the Bitet canyon in the Ossau valley

CANYON DU BITET SUPÉRIEUR: a one-day adventure

The Bitet gorgesLocated just 10 minutes' drive from Laruns, in the heart of the Ossau valley, these gorges offer a magnificent setting for canyoning enthusiasts. These gorges, carved from Pyrenean limestoneare used all year round by the public. mushroom pickerswalkers heading towards Lake Isabes, the touring skiers and the sheep on their way to the Cujalate hut. To start the adventure, a one-hour hike leads to the upper Bitetfrom the Cujalate hut. It then takes around three hours to follow the Bitet gorges to the water intake, which marks the end of the route. Impressive waterfalls and successive abseils create a Enclosed environment and offer a feeling of isolationA reminder of the ancestral origins of these gorges. A change of scenery guaranteed in the heart of the Atlantic Pyrenees.

Natural slide in the Bious canyon at Gabas, Pyrenees

Canyoning activity


Canyoning is a mountain white-water activities combining climbing and swimming. Walk, swimming, jumps, natural slides and abseiling will be on the programme.

Only 1 hour from Pau, In the Pyrenees, you can discover canyons with different profiles. Some routes are more aquatic with large pools of clear waterand a series of slides natural and others will be more vertical profile with several watered reminder some by cascades of fresh water.

Whatever the case, canyoning in the mountains means more thrills and more fresh water than at Aqualand!


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